Alternative to Gdrive:Host JS and CSS on Dropbox

Alternative to Gdrive:Host JS and CSS on Dropbox
For  the past few months, I have been searching for a good alternative to Google drive for hosting Javascript(JS) as well as CSS. I was searching about this because of this sad news that google is deprecating the service of hosting Javascript and CSS (or web pages) on Google drive and you might also be searching for this.During my search, I came across many free CDN services for hosting Javascript and CSS and also some drive like services which also you to store and host data.Here I will mention Dropbox which I found the most suitable alternative to google drive when it comes to hosting. Both Google and Dropbox provide free css hosting.Hosting scripts is very important for bloggers and website owners as it reduces the page size as well makes the page load faster which is good for SEO.

Why I Chose Dropbox hosting ?

  1. It is fast and reliable.
  2. It offers you 2gb free space.But you can increase this space for free upto 16gb which is quite enough.
  3. It has desktop applicaton for windows which has really proved convinient.Now I can easily manage my hosted files from my computer.Any change that I do ,its effects are seen in seconds.
  4. It is safe and secure.

CSS hosting on Dropbox :

Step 1 :
Copy your css codes and remove <style> tags if any.

Step 2 :
Open Notepad and paste your CSS.After pasting click on file and then save as.

Step 3 :
Write .css after the file name to make it a Cascading style document.Then below the name field click and change text document to all files.And click save.

make a css fiile

Step 4 :
Now you can upload it on your dropbox or just move it to the dropbox folder if you have dropbox for desktop installed.

Step 5 :
After moving,you need to get the public link which is very easy and hassle free if you have dropbox installed on your computer 

Step 6 :
Replace www from the URL with dl.Watch the video at the end for every step preview.

Use :

Now you have hosted your CSS on Dropbox. To use it in you theme/template just paste it above </head> like this
<link href=' code.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

Javascript Hosting on Dropbox :

Step 1 :
Copy the javascript code and remove <script> tags if any.

Step 2 :
Open notepad and and paste it.Click on file and then hit save as.

Step 3 :
Add .js to make it a java script file.And again change text document to all files.Check the pictures for this step in CSS  hosting.

Step 4, 5,and 6 : 
Same as above.Please redo step 4,5,and 6 from CSS hosting part.

Use :

To use it in your template/theme paste the below line above </body>
<script src=' code.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

Video of hosting Js and CSS on Dropbox :

Ending Thoughts :

I hope you like this tutorial of hosting Javascript and CSS (webpages)on Dropbox.I have tried to make it as simple as possible.If you faced any problem please comment below.Do share it.
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