Blogger : Remove Quick Edit and Wrench Icons

Blogger : Remove Quick Edit and Wrench Icons

Quick edit and wrench icon are helpful features on the occasion of editing articles and widgets. You will find quick edit icon above or below the posts and the wrench icon will appear where your blog widgets are located (in the footer and sidebar).The quick gives you the option of editing your posts easily and with less wastage of efforts and time.Similarly, the wrench icons help to edit the widgets with ease without going to the admin panel.

  1. Though these links are important for the author of the post/blog but they are of no use for the visitor/reader who just came to the blog to read the written piece of article.Your blog display does matter because this 2016 where speed and design have vital importance in SEO.There is a greater chance that a visitor will leave a blog with the poor display or unwanted icons.
  2. Although these links are helpful ,but in a way, they affect your blog page loading speed,SEO, and visual beauty.Each time a visitor visits the blog these image icons (wrench and pencil links) get loaded which increases loading time.
  3. Also, each icon sends an extra HTTP load request which also contributes in slowing down of page load speed.
  4. As these icons are images so they affect SEO because they don't have alt or title tags and so when a crawler/bot visits the blog it sees these images as unoptimized and rank you lower due to lack of meta information for these wrench icon images.
Keeping the above facts into consideration,I have listed three methods below through which you can remove these icons without affecting your template.

Method 1 : Using CSS to hide Wrench Icons

Go to your Blogger Template Editor → Click on Customize → Scroll down to Add custom CSS section and add in the below code and save your template to remove the quick edit links from your blog.
Copy the above CSS and paste it above the skin.If this also does not work then paste this CSS above </head> and enclose it in style tags.
The above code simply hides the icon links from the browser but may be visible on blogger template editor preview.

Method-2: Eliminating Quick Edit Icon links by Deletion

If you want to remove quick edit and wrench icon links permanently from your template you can use this method.
Steps to follow :
Go to blogger template →  Edit HTML → Search for The below tag by typing CTRL+F and delete all occurrences.
<b:include name='quickedit'/>
After deleting all the instances of quick edit tags,save your template and your enjoy your template free from the ugly looking feed link icons.

Method-3: Deleting Wrench Icons using HTML Browser Comments

If you don't want to remove quick edit links but only the wrench icons you can follow this method.
Steps to follow :
Go to your blogger template →HTML editor and look for
<b:include name='quickedit'/> 
by using CTRL+F and replace all its instances with the below code.
<!--b:include name='quickedit'/-->
The above code tells the browser to ignore it as it's a comment and hence getting rid of all the wrench icons.

Method 4 : Removing Quick Edit Pencil Icons from Blogger Posts

If you don't use the pencil icons above or below the articles and want to get rid of them follow these steps :
Go to your Blogger layout panel → Click Edit on Blog Posts layout and from the popped up options uncheck the "Show Quick Editing" option and click save to get rid of the pencil icon from your blog posts footer.

How to Check the Difference  ?

You can test the presence of these quick edit pencil and wrench icons by using web monitoring tools like Pingdom which will show you how these are affecting your blog speed and SEO with additional HTTP load requests and missing alt attributes. Check out the difference in your load speed and SEO ranking before and after removing the quick edit links to find out the striking difference in their absence.

Thoughts :

I hope this article helped you in removing quick edit and wrench icons from your template.Comment if you faced any problem.If you liked this article then do share it on the social media. Happy blogging!

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