Get Backlink From Twitter

Get Backlink From Twiiter

Previously, I explained how to get a backlink from facebook ?.Now it's time to grab twitter.Twitter is a micro-blogging site where people are allowed to post short messages of 140 characters and also have the option to add media to their tweets .It allows people to follow,mention, and direct message followers.It is very famous because of its simplicity and hashtags(my opinion).You have a left sidebar and a content area where you see others tweets.You can also change the colour/theme of your twitter .This is all I can say for its intro but there is a lot to explore.

So ,merely creating your website/blog is not the point of saying that "Look I will sit in front of my laptop screen and people will find my site".I hope you are not that kind of person.Also, adhering to a single social site like facebook may not solve your traffic and SEO problem.You need to look for more sources from which you can get high-quality traffic and linkbacks.

To get at the top of Google's search results, among other things you need lots of high-quality backlinks or reputable websites that link to your website. This tells Google how popular or reputable your website is. Twitter is one of the platforms that can help you get many backlinks. Below are two methods from which you can get a backlink from twitter.All you have to do is compose an attracting tweet, include a link to your website and possibly a hashtag or few and hope people pass it to their friends.Remember that all links from twitter are nofollow but they still affect your SEO in a positive way if you get a lot of social signals.

Steps of Getting Backlink From Twitter (Method # 1):

  1. Log in to your Twitter account,if you don't have a twitter account,then create it (Twitter account) and tweet your post link. Include some funny and interesting text, not just the link. As soon as your tweet is posted, your followers will see it.
  2. Add the "#" symbol (hashtag key) before important keywords in your tweets.For example, What is #SEO ? .Hashtags help you categorize your Tweets to show more easily in twitter search, so people who search for these keywords can find your tweets more easily. You can also add a hashtag to links.
  3. Make your followers retweet your original tweet and your link with it. If the link is interesting and appealing, your followers will start tweeting it on their own. If not, you can ask them to retweet the link in the initial tweet.
  4. Head onto Twitonomy, a website that searches and analyses the most interesting tweets and mentions. If your tweet is popular it will appear on Twitonomy, providing a strong evidence that you are getting strong social signals.

Steps of Getting Backlink From Twitter (Method # 2) :

  1. Go to your twitter profile and click on Edit bio.
  2. Add you website URL in the website field.
This step creates a no-follow backlink but it will be still helpful because it is from High PR Twitter.

Backlink From Twitter Video ( 30 sec ) :

Last Thoughts :

I guess this post might help you to get backlinks from twitter.If you liked it then do share it on social media.Thanks
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