What is White Hat SEO ?

What is White Hat SEO ?

Every blogger wants his website/blog to rank high in the search results and gain long-term benefits regarding SEO ? If you are one of us, then this post is definitely for you.As time is passing by,Google is changing its ranking algorithm frequently to improve search results so that people find what they are searching for. We can consider recent update as the panda, penguin and hummingbird algorithms.There is no shortcut for getting to the top.You have to know about SEO and should have the knowledge of improving it for your blog otherwise, you will not get the results you want.

White Hat SEO is the only way to go if you want to maintain and continue your online presence in search engine. Doing White Hat SEO also means that search engines will also like your website and rank it high in search results. White Hat SEO is a collection of techniques by which one can rank high in search engines.

White Hat SEO :

White hat SEO refers to Search engine optimization efforts that are good and just and does not violate the Terms of Service (TOS)/Webmaster Guidelines that has been set for the search engines.
According to Webopedia :

In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, white hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies.
To all the bloggers who want to procure better search results in the SERP  such SEO techniques are advised to apply . Indeed, this technique takes a longer time than Black hat SEO, but it is much safer and build trust in Search Engines.That is why it is named white hat because white refers to goodness.

Some techniques of white hat SEO :

1-Content Quality :

Improve the content quality of your blog.Make sure that you always present quality and original content.Do not post copied stuff.You might have these three words :
Content is King
Yes ,it is true. Search engine like quality content. If your content is unique and good, then the chances of your website to be rank well are high. The content should be human targeted not search engine targeted. The search engine wants to serve the best content to its user. So if your content is the best then definitely it will rank high in the search engines.

2-Keywords :

Keyword research is essential in White Hat SEO.Before you write any content, perform several keyword optimization and research correctly without manipulating the color and size of letters while keeping the keyword density of the content not more than 3.5% or 5%. .(Use Seo Quake for checking keyword density)

You should search keyword by thinking of your targeted audience. First, you should think about those keywords by which people will search your site. You should find at least 3-4 keywords per page. There is no restriction on the length of the keyword. You can use long tail keywords also. Nowadays, long tail keywords are becoming more popular. After finding proper keywords, you should use those keywords in your content. There are many tools available to find keywords.Like Semrush.

3-SEO Friendly URLs :

Optimizing blog URL is very important

  1. First of all, your blog URL should not redirect to a specific URL to another page when a visitor opens your blog link.
  2. Use keywords in blog URLs .The post title keywords should be present in the URL.Moreover, it is also good to introduce blog keywords in blog post URLs.
  3. Keep Your URLs short and concise.

4-Link Building/Inbound Links :

Inbound bound links(also called backlinks/linkbacks) are those links which are coming from the 3rd party websites.The link building option is the correct one for white hat SEO provided that it is done naturally and not by the way of buying quality backlinks from blogs that have a high pageRank.
According to Matt Cutts :
The objective is not to "make your links appear natural" ; The objective is that your links are natural.
Look for good and quality backlinks from sites that have high Pagerank or have high PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority).Also, submit the blog  to the dofollow site directories and seek backlinks from sites that have relevant content like your blog and have a high rank in search engine.

5-Blog Design and Speed :

Choose an SEO friendly template or theme.It should be lightweight and should be able to be optimized with White hat techniques.so that it will not slow down the site and make it load fast.Fast loading websites are favored by search engines.So website speed can help you to improve search engine rankings.

6-Meta Tags :

Setting Meta Tags is also important in the case of white hat SEO .Among the meta tags, the most important ones are title and description.Because they mainly describe to crawlers what's the page about ?Moreover, you can also use social meta tags and tags that provide information about you.Here is the complete list of meta tags that you should add to improve SEO.

7-Structure :

Your blog pages should be well structured for SEO.Because structuring helps bots to know what's the page is about.In a way by helping crawlers you are gaining trust in search engine,By structure I mean properly used heading tags.Always Give h1 to the title of the page and avoid using too many h1 or any other tags.

8-Interlinking And External Linking :

One part of on page SEO is interlinking and external linking.Be sure to link your older posts with newer ones and vice versa.Like Wikipedia and other sites do.Always link to reputable sites with high Alexa rank.

9-Pinging :

Ping your blog regularly.It is recommended to perform Ping techniques regularly after you publish new posts. But do not do it too often because it will be considered spam.

10-Promote Blog on Social Media :

In 2016, Social signals are highly important for blog SEO.A post with a lot of shares on social media has a chance of better search engine ranking than others.
Make sure that you have the attractive and appealing social share buttons of popular sites.So that your posts get shared .You can also request others to share it on social media.

Last Words :

The above list of techniques is for those who want to spend time and efforts to rank high in search engine. If you use the above-listed methods, then there is great chance that you gain the attention of search engines. These methods are time-taking , but once you learn and implement all these methods, you will see the results. I would like to know your methods and views on White Hat SEO. Give your opinion in comments.Do share this.Thanks
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