Backlinks Policy

This is the backlinks policy for describes how and to whom blog rabbit links to.

  1. Sites that have a similar niche as blog rabbit (blogging,SEO,tips etc)
  2. Only to subscribers,eligible commenters, and guest posters sites (if they are of similar niche).

Backlinks for Guest Posts :

  1. You can get a single do follow backlink for a single post.
  2. Your words should above 1100.

Backlinks For Commenters :

If you are blog rabbit regular commentator you are eligible for asking blog rabbit for a backlink.Remember you must have at least 20 approved comments/posts on blog rabbit to become eligible.After analyzing your request your blog link will be included in our site directory.Your comments will not go wasted .Blog rabbit doesnot allow backlink in comments.You can also ask me to advertise your site on blog rabbit for free.Check your eligibility for free advertising now :
If you are an eligible commenter and want to submit site,you can head on to :
  • Submit site

Backlinks in Comments :

  1. No backlinks from comments are allowed for those who are not eligible for backlinking.Such comments will be marked as spam.Remember all links in comments are no follow.
  2. If you are our subscriber and post a comment with a related link,we will add it after approval.

Conditions :

  1. The backlink will remain till you are subscribed.When you will unsubscribe your backlink will be deleted fro the site directory page also .(This is for subscribers only)
  2. The subscription is only through Feedburner.
  3. There is no condition for eligible commenters, their backlink will remain forever in the site directory.
  4. The backlinks of Guest Post will also remain forever in the site directory.