Paid Advertising Policy

This is the advertising policy for paid advertisers.First of all, thanks for taking an interest in paid plans.

Overview :

Benefits :
  • No need to guest post.
  • Can advertise for a week,month, a half year and full year.
  • Top 2 ad slots out of 6.
  • Audience and Traffic

Conditions :

  1. Ads links are no followed.
  2. Ads pictures must be exactly 125*125.

Rates For Paid Advertisers :

  • 3 $ for a week.-7days
  • 25 $ for a month -30 days

Note : Because of a month being 28,29,30, or 31 days .I have decided to keep it a constant that is 30 days.So a month is 30 days when you consider the half year and full year plan.

APPLY For Advertising :

  • Apply

Note :

If you are a paid advertiser please visit this page for any changes /updates.