Facebook Comments : Pros and Cons

Facebook Comments : Pros and Cons

Facebook needs no introduction.You know its name ever since you joined the social hub.At present facebook is considered the top most social network because of its users and activity level.So this justifies why I chose to write on facebook comments after speaking about Disqus comments.

Facebook well deserves the credit of being the champion of the social club because it has a good design and a flexible commenting system.A few years back facebook developers thought of introducing facebook comments for websites and this decision proved to be a success.Websites/blogs started using facebook comments and it became helpful for them because everyone was familiar with facebook and commented without any fuss.

Pros :

  1.  Facebook has a simple and elegant comment box .The main advantage of using facebook comments is that almost everyone is familiar with facebook comments and you can expect high engagement rate/activity level by using facebook comments.
  2.  Almost every person using the internet has a facebook id and this is where you get worry free.Because of such vast user base ,anyone can comment on your blog using facebook comments without the botheration of logging into another social account.
  3. You can embed anything in comments (videos,pictures,gifs etc.)
  4. You can mention any person like that you do on facebook.
  5. You can edit your post/comment even after it is published.
  6. Facebook comments are SEO friendly and google indexes facebook comments.
  7. You can use facebook emoticons in comments.
  8. Comments free of spam has always been an effort of facebook.In this regard,it has good enough system to fight spam.You can also expect that real people will comment on your blog if they use facebook comments rather than people with fake names or email addresses.
  9. You can also get facebook notifications if someone comments on your blog using facebook comments plugin.

Cons :

  1. The major drawback of facebook comments is its slow loading because it is hosted on facebook and it is a very large website.That can slow down the page load speed.
  2. Design and CSS cannot be changed.However, the background color is changeable.

Last Words :

I love facebook comments as much as Disqus because both are almost the same.I don't use facebook comments on this blog.But I use it on my another blog named Entry test practice.The reasons are quite evident from the benefits and pros listed above.There are cons too but they are so minor that they don't stop you from using facebook comments plugin on your website/blog.

Stay connected, You'll not be disappointed!


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