Get Backlink From Facebook

Get Backlink From Facebook

Facebook is the top most social networking site where people like ,share, comment and interact.Facebook basic motto is to connect with friends.Especially classmates,coworkers or anyone you know.It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg as a site for storing photos and basic information but now it has transformed into a huge worldwide platform of sharing text,images and videos.Day by day it is improving its features.Today even a child who gets his first cell phone first comes across facebook.

Facebook has a vast industry influence.Today no business ,especially online ,can survive without using facebook.Like all other industries,the blogging industry is also dependent on facebook.No blogger can imagine his blogging success without facebook fans and traffic from facebook.You should also know that facebook is the second in Alexa ranking after Google .So a backlink from facebook really matters for a starter/developing site.

It is a post related to SEO so I will concentrate on that part.I have written two ways/methods through which you can get a backlink from facebook and improve your search engine ranking.Now let me answer a simple question about backlink from facebook.

Why is facebook Important For Bloggers ?

  1. Traffic generation.
  2. SEO : Referrer site ,which is facebook, has high trust and Authority.
  3. SEO :Getting Backlink.
  4. SEO :Getting Social Signals.
  5. Building an audience and community for website/blog.
This post is about getting a backlink from facebook so here are three a simple and easy ways(one dofollow and two nofollow) through which you can create a dofollow backlink from facebook.It is important to note that whether it is a dofollow link or a nofollow link to your site from facebook .It will gain improvement in SEO and Authority perspective.Also when you share your posts on facebook and they get liked and clicked you get social signals which are important for SEO in 2016 and onwards.

Trick of Getting a Do follow Backlink From Facebook :

  1. Log into Facebook.If you don't have a facebook account,then create one.(Create a facebook account)
  2. After logging in ,If you don't have a facebook fan page ,then you need to create one for this (create a Page on Facebook ).if you already have a fan page on facebook then too good. 
  3. After creating the page/in your existing one you have to add an app to your facebook page called 'Static HTML'and then click on add static HTML, a new tab will open called 'Add page Tab', then select the page you want and click on ' Add page Tab'. 
  4. Now you will find a welcome app on your Facebook page , click on that Welcome App. 
  5. Now you will get two another tabs from which you have to click on Edit tab and now enter the HTML code and change the web page URL and anchor text with your blog/website URL and anchor text and then click on save and publish.Watch this video of Adding a HTML tab in facebook page.

First Way of Getting a No follow Backlink From Facebook :

  1. You need to perform step 1 as described above.
  2. You have two choices either create a page or just use your own profile.But it is better to have a facebook page.If you have it ,the just share your post links on facebook by updating status,posting in a group or posting on your fan page
Although it will be a nofollow backlink,but still nofollow is from a high authority site.That is pointing to your blog/website .So not major but minutely it will affect your ranking.But don't forget that sharing posts links on facebook can give you social signals which are hell important for SEO.

Second Way of Getting a No follow Backlink From Facebook :

  1. Go to your facebook fan page.
  2. Copy and paste your post links and add some relavant Hastags (#) for your keywords and click publish.
I have described the importance of nofollow link in the first way of getting backlink.In the video below you can easily watch the two ways.

Backlink From Facebook Video (2:08):

Last Words :

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