Disqus : Pros and Cons

Disqus : Pros and Cons

Disqus is one of the emerging comment platforms for bloggers and other websites.It has proved to suit well with the needs and requirements of bloggers around the globe.It is not just a commenting system,In the recent years ,it has developed into a community as well.

Basically, every blogger wants the simplest and fastest means to commute with its audience.There are two reasons for this.Firstly every blogger who is dead serious about SEO takes the  matter of choosing a comments system with an iron hand.It is due to the reason of acquiring a high search engine ranking.One requirement of which is fast page loading which is only possible by using an optimised comment system.

The second major reason is that of login and interaction.No one wants to remember multiple passwords or emails for multiple accounts.Everyone one wants to avoid this fuss.This is the reason why a site like facebook is known for its commenting feature.

Although email is there, but communicating through email for the discussion on blog posts and general stuff have become almost obsolete.Below are the Pros and Cons of Disqus that I could think of .

Pros :

  1. Disqus is known for its simple and flexible design that makes it fast to load.It is not hosted on blogger and is a third party commenting system so it does not affect page loading speed.Hence ,Disqus is better for Your site's SEO.Remember, the speed of a website has an important role in SEO.
  2. There is a better control of spamming in Disqus than any other comment system out there.For instance ,you cannot post something that you posted earlier.
  3. Moreover ,Disqus has also put a full stop for people who do link spamming.I mean that all external links in the comments are nofollow.
  4. You don't need to worry about installing additional codes for youtube ,picture or emoticon addition.Anyone can easily embed videos and pictures hosted anywhere.
  5. Disqus is super easy to install and configure.
  6. You can edit your post as well as feature it in the community .That is above the comments.
  7. Disqus includes the feature to show related stuff.Also features like top commenters and number of comments
  8. You can also earn money with Disqus through Disqus Reveal feature.
  9. Disqus comments are indexed by Google.You can check it by copy and paste the comment in the google search.This shows another reason why it is SEO friendly.

Cons :

  1. Disqus starters have fewer comments on their websites.
  2. Disqus CSS /Design cannot be changed .Only colours or theme can be changed in Disqus.For example ,you cannot change the icons like vote up and down,reply etc in Disqus.
  3. To comment on Disqus powered blogs people have to use multiple social accounts to sign in/sign up.That is a bit unease for the commentators.
  4. Profile links in Disqus are dofollow which is leaking your link juice to Disqus.But its influence is so low that it is almost negligible.

Remarks :

Disqus cons were not easy to find .Because it is so easy and flexible to use that one never see any sign of lag or error.Moreover,the people behind Disqus are working hard to make it as efficient as possible.I think it will be the comment system that will replace all other comment systems in the future.

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