5 Must Things To Check In Post Before Posting

5 Must Things To Check In Posts Before Post

You are a part of blogger family.People like You and me have a routine of writing articles/posts.We give our everything to make our post lengthy and illustrative.Moreover ,we also give some time to our blog visual design.We are always in a hope that our post will help someone and in return, he will become a returning visitor of our blog. But,This is not the case for every blogger.

All our aspirations and desires are shattered when we fail to draw any attention of googlers or social media users towards our post.It is also annoying when we find that someone who started his blog after we have better viewership and engagement than our blog.Despite,the fact that post count is greater.

Some people think that post count and post length is the key to blog success.They are wrong.Because in modern day blogging you have to look for other things too.You have to completely analyze your post to drive traffic to your blog.

Are you serious for your blog ? If you are ,then do you check your post before posting ? I think some of us don't.Here is a list of 5 things that I recommend you should check before posting your article/post.

1- Post Title :

Having an unoptimised post title is the wrong way of blogging.You should choose a title on which you can write about and do a keyword research for it.

  1. The title of the post should reflect what is the post meant for.For instance,a post on 'SEO' cannot have a title of themes.It is a wiser approach to keep your post titles concise and to the point.
  2. The title should contain the best keywords that you used in your post and also use on your blog (but latter trend has become obsolete)
  3. The post title should not be too long.Keep its length between 10-70 characters.
  4. Don't use duplicate post titles .That is ,using the same title of a post that has already been posted.
  5. The title of your post must have <h1> heading.
  6. You can also remove the blog title from post title for better SEO.

2- Meta Description :

Meta description of your post is a short summary of your blog post.For instance,when you search google you seen two or three lines below every title.That is the meta description.Like above :

  1. It should be compact and concise.
  2. It should have the most used keywords of your post.
  3. It should not be too lengthy.Keep its length between 70 to 160 characters.
  4. Every page of your blog should have a separate and unique meta description.

3- URL /Permalink of Post :

It is advisable to use the most relevant URL for your post.Because it is also a way in which visitors and search engines can interact with your post.

  1. URL should have the best keywords that describe the post content.
  2. Don't use lengthy URLs.

4- Optimize your images for SEO :

Google bot or any other bot cannot see like us it need some directions to do so .So only using images without optimizing them is a bad practice in blogging and SEO.

  1. All images of your post and blog must have alt Attributes.
  2. Images should be relevant.
  3. Images should not be of large size.

5- Grammer and Post length :

Last but not the least grammar and post character count also affect your SEO.

  1. Use Proper language and don't do grammatical mistakes. (Use Grammarly for chrome)
  2. Use simple language in such a way that the readers understand what you are saying.
  3. Write long posts.Keep your keyword use in touch.I recommend that you should not publish any post if it doesn't have 800 words.(Use SEO quake  for chrome)
  4. Use H2 heading tags in posts.

Last Words :

I hope that above 5 tips may help you in improving your blogging experience and SEO. If you liked this post be sure to share it with your friends.Tell me your suggestions about checking posts before posting.I would love to hear them.
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