Remove Blog Title From Posts and Pages In Blogger

Remove Blog Title From Posts and Pages In Blogger

How important is the SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) of your blog to you ? What type of blogger are you ? The reckless one or the passionate one ? These are the questions that every blogger should ask himself and try to reach a positive answer.

Blog SEO is determined by many factors ,one of them is using the correct keywords in the title. So why putting keywords in the title is important?.I think you can answer this question better than me,if you are running a niche focused site or If you want to drive specific niche based traffic. Let me explain this with an example to make it clean. Suppose if someone searches the google for the keywords : How to create a blog ? then google will fetch top 10 relevant pages that contain the keywords. Those posts will be sorted in such a way that the post with the maximum matching keywords will occur at the top of search results.

When you include the blog title in the posts you are differing from what the user searched for.For instance,if your blog title is "blog rabbit",then what is the rabbit doing in the title ? This was the thing that made me change tactics.

Why didn't I removed the blog title ? It is because I often used the keyword blog in my posts.Remember only remove blog title if you never intend to incorporate /use its keywords in posts. But be aware this can also have a negative impact too.Check this discussion from blogger help forum.
Now After deciding ,You can follow or leave the below steps :
Important:backup your template.

Step 1:  Open Edit template and Find ( first click on your template code once and then press CTRL + F)
Step 2 : Replace it with this code and save the template.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>

Mistakes :

Please make sure that you don't make these mistakes :

  1. 1- If you have <title> tag like the picture below be sure to remove it along with </title>.Only those which are shown by arrows.If you don't have this then you don't have to worry about this mistake.If you do this mistake you will see <title>with post and pages title.
  2. 2- Adding </b:if> tag at the place which is mentioned (3rd last arrow).If you do this mistake and put this tag somewhere else then you will again experience the same problem as described above.

Last Words :

I hope this post may prove helpful to improve your blog. If you have done all the steps correctly and still are stuck somewhere , then please comment . I will be happy to help you.
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