Earning Money From AdSense in Youtube

Earning Money From AdSense in Youtube

YouTube is one of the successful products of google. Since its inception, it has proved to be an awesome platform for watching videos. A lot of videos get viral on social media through YouTube, so anyone can become famous in no time through YouTube. After gaining so much popularity , the caretakers of Google decided to introduce AdSense in YouTube.

AdSense is basically a medium through which ads of advertisers are shown on your content. When visitors click those ads OR view those ads, you earn money.

Let me Proceed by answering some frequently asked questions about earning money through AdSense also known as YouTube Partner program in YouTube.

Question 1 : Who can earn money from YouTube ?
Answer : Everyone with a channel on YouTube with videos that satisfy AdSense conditions, can earn money from YouTube. Although there are some restrictions as well. I mean country wise. In some countries YouTube partner program is not available.Before thinking about earning you must build some subscribers and must have some quality videos with decent views.

Question 2 : How much can I earn from YouTube ?
Answer : There is no exact figure for the income .But you can suppose one dollar (1$) for thousand video views . For example, a video with 50,000 views can earn 50 dollars (50$). But this is not exact .Some AdSense ads have high rates and you may earn double or triple from AdSense.

Question 3 : How to Start Earning (Monetization) ?
After you have succeeded in making subscriber and have decent views on your videos , Enable monetization option in your channel and apply for YouTube Partner program. Watch the video below.

YouTube Partner Program approval may take two hours to several weeks .So be Patient and wait for your approval.
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