Earning Money From AdSense in Youtube

YouTube is one of the successful products of google. Since its inception, it has proved to be an awesome platform for watching videos. A lot of videos get viral on social media through YouTube, so anyone can become famous in no time through YouTube. After gaining so much popularity , the caretakers of Google decided to introduce AdSense in YouTube.

AdSense is basically a medium through which ads of advertisers are shown on your content. When visitors click those ads OR view those ads, you earn money.

Let me Proceed by answering some frequently asked questions about earning money through AdSense also known as YouTube Partner program in YouTube.

Question 1 : Who can earn money from YouTube ?
Answer : Everyone with a channel on YouTube with videos that satisfy AdSense conditions, can earn money from YouTube. Although there are some restrictions as well. I mean country wise. In some countries YouTube partner program is not available.Before thinking about earning you must build some subscribers and must have some quality videos with decent views.

Question 2 : How much can I earn from YouTube ?
Answer : There is no exact figure for the income .But you can suppose one dollar (1$) for thousand video views . For example, a video with 50,000 views can earn 50 dollars (50$). But this is not exact .Some AdSense ads have high rates and you may earn double or triple from AdSense.

Question 3 : How to Start Earning (Monetization) ?
After you have succeeded in making subscriber and have decent views on your videos , Enable monetization option in your channel and apply for YouTube Partner program. Watch the video below.

YouTube Partner Program approval may take two hours to several weeks .So be Patient and wait for your approval.
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Ways to Get Quality Backinks

When it comes to ranking ,one of the things that is important is Getting quality backlinks from high ranking websites ( the ones having PR 1,2,3 etc.). I am talking here about "Quality backlinks" and not the ones that are from low ranking sites.

If you don't know what's a backlink so let me clear it for you Boy !!
It's like a upvote for your website from another website. The link of your blog that you put on that site points towards your site and Google considers it a big Thumbs up for bringing the site up in search Ranking. If you get backlinks from high ranking sites, then your blog/website will rank in less time.

Let me make it more easy for you. When you are climbing in google rankings. You are actually getting your site more chances to be viewed, so higher ranking more visitors. I cannot explain this all in a single post but I hope so you got my point. So here are the ways or methods to create quality backlinks :

  1. Guest Post :

    Till now this has been a traditional method for collecting backlinks for your blog. If you have the enthusiasm to write then Go write a guest post for a famous blog or a blog with average ranking. At the end of the post they will add your bio with your blog/website link.
  2. Forums :

    Also one of the best traditional methods, asking questions that are in your mind or what you are facing related to your blog or niche can get you a link back to your blog.
  3. Blogger's Family :

    If you are in good contact with the bloggers of your niche. Then chances are that they can reference your post links in their blog posts.
  4. Commenting :

    This method works if you use it wisely. By wisely ,I mean don't comment like you just came to the blog for a backlink. It's better to choose the right way , and that is to read the post carefully. If you have some suggestions or think that your blog link is related to the topic. Then sure do comment with the link. Otherwise many newbies get caught as spamming.
  5. Social Media Pages : 

    Create account/pages for you blog/website on social media .They allow a link back to your blog. This point is especially worth noting because that source of traffic also matters. So get a backlink from social media sites like Facebook , YouTube , and twitter as well as increase yours blog following circle.
  1. Themes/Templates/widgets/Plugins : 

    If you are a developer, then you can add Your blog link as a credit link in your themes , templates , widgets or plugins.

Things Not to Do for Backlinks :

  • Don't buy backlinks from sites like Fiverr. It will hurt your Rankings.
  • Avoid backlink in the footer, as some free templates have ,which in a way decrease your blog ranking. So it's better to buy the theme/template or have that link no followed .

If you have some effective tricks for backlinking, don’t forget to mention them in the comment section. AND also mention which method do you like and use for backlinking.

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10 blogging Mistakes to Avoid

In 2016, the purpose of blogging has changed a little bit.Previously, it was just a passion and a hobby to time pass.But now blogging is not just a hobby.Majority people nowadays adopt blogging for making money online.Today it is senseless to just blog and don't think about earning money.Your work has a price.If you don't want to earn it ,then it is just a time waste .

Many bloggers are making thousands of dollars through blogging and few other means.How are they doing it? Have you ever thought of it ?. Actually, there is no rocket science behind it just a few mistakes to avoid and you are well set. Generally,these are the biggest mistakes bloggers make.

Mistake No 1 : Wrong Choice of Niche

This is a common mistake that newbies usually make Choosing a wrong Niche can be a waste of time.If one does not have any interest in some niche ,then one should avoid blogging about it.By interest, I mean having the knowledge to express it in your words.For example, if a travel blogger starts to write about SEO and that kind of stuff for the sake of traffic and money,then his efforts may not be that successful.Instead, he should write on what he is good at.

Mistake No 2 : Becoming a Copy Guy

This mistake is also common among starters which don't know what blogging is all about.They think that posting copied content can get them quick success without wasting any time and mental effort.So,this is a big mistake which is realized by many,afterward.Producing original content is the heart and soul of blogging.

Mistake No 3 : Lacking skills of posting

In the current era success is not guaranteed by mere production of content.You need to produce it in an effective way.Many newbies start making this mistake and don't get the desired response from visitors.By an effective way, I meant to include some quotations,having short and precise paragraphs.

Mistake No 4 : Keeping a distance from social media

After posting your content on your blog,You have to spread the voice.The question is how will you reach people when you don't know anyone in the beginning ?.The answer is quite simple.You can use social media sites like facebook,twitter etc and create a community for your blog.Many newbies don't pay heed to this and get frustrated because they believe that the only way to get traffic is from search engines.

Mistake No 5 : No SEO optimization

If there is no SEO Optimization,then Creating a blog and posting content will not get you any traffic.Search engine optimization is essential if one wants to rank in search engines.This mistake is often done by Blogspot bloggers Since WordPress is comparatively better SEO optimized,so WordPress bloggers don't have to worry about it.SEO includes both off page and on page SEO.One of the most important off page SEO techniques is link building.You must take care of both type of SEOs for better ranking in search results. Check my posts on SEO :

Mistake No 6 : Not having a user-friendly design

Some Bloggers (new ones) don't look for good designs for their blog especially Blogspot bloggers who get a simple or classic template which is not satisfactory.If you are a newbie then you should look for free and premium designs for your blog.I prefer premium ones because they don't have any encrypted codes and link back conditions.

Mistake No 7 : Not Replying Comments

Some bloggers (new) don't reply to comments as they should.Having a friendly chat with your commenters can make them your permanent visitors and that is what everyone wants but ending the chat with " thanks " will not be that fruitful.

Mistake No 8 : Having no Branding :

Having no branding can hit you hard.You must have your own logo and profile  pictures for social media sites.Branding can increase the trust of your visitors on you and can also stop copy practice.

Mistake No 9 : Not Thinking out of the box

Doing everything like everyone else may not be that productive.You should develop your own style.Because people like change.How would you like if you eat the same dish every day?Yeah,you will get bored.So try to think out of the box while posting and tweaking with your blog design.

Mistake No 10 : Having Money Craze

Everyone wants money by hook or by crook.But if you are crazy about earning money and start making the above mistakes ,then it will do no good for you.So start with patience and build a community for your blog.After you have built some community for your blog then start thinking about earning money you will get the fruit of your hard work.
( If  You have any suggestion please share with me and don't forget to share this post on social media)

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Why Bloggers Leave Blogger ?

This is a very serious question.I think this needs to be explained.Objections are everywhere and in everything .Nothing is perfect in this world.So is the case with blogger.Blogger is a product of google which allows anyone with a Gmail to have a platform for blogging and expressing their own views. For the recent four or five years, there has been a shift.Yes ,with the entry of WordPress and other blogging platforms in blogosphere bloggers mostly prefer to use a WordPress site if they are aiming at something big.I don't say people have absolutely left blogger.People still use blogger ,even those who are using WordPress.

Things People like in blogger :

  1. It's absolutely free.No ads and conditions.
  2. It has a simple and easy to understand dashboard.
  3. Anyone can setup a blogger blog and after gaining some popularity they can convert it to WordPress site.
  4. You can earn money with Adsense through blogger.
  5. You don't need to worry about hijacks or hackers because Google takes cares of the security of your blog.

Things that make People leave blogger :

  1. Limited functionality.People want more functions to be added in blogger dashboard to make it powerful.
  2. There is no category system in blogger.Only labels are there for classification.
  3. There are widgets which have little functionality as compared to WordPress which have Plugins.
  4. Post editor is a bit old.They need to improve it and increase the font styles.
  5. There is no option to change the permalink of pages.Although the option to change the permalink of posts is available.
  6. There is limited functionality when it comes to blog contribution.You can invite someone to contribute to your blog but he/she might not get all the features which WordPress provides to contributors.
  7. Blogspot redirection is another problem that newbies are unaware of.Due to this, they lost a lot of link juice.
  8. You cannot make your custom page in blogger.I mean the template you applied will appear on every post and static page.But if you know coding ,you can easily make some parts of the page hidden on specific pages which affect SEO.
  9. Using a custom domain and having WordPress running will get you quick AdSense approval.

Summary :

After all this chit chat,I am still a believer that blogger will survive for the next fifteen or twenty years.A major cause is that it is free.If you agree or disagree with me,please comment below and share what you think about Why Bloggers Leave Blogger ?
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What is Black Hat SEO ?

In the previous post about White Hat SEO , I discussed the time taking and fairways to rank high in search engines.Today ,I am discussing Black hat SEO which is a quicker and unfair way to rank high in search engines.The word black in the name tells you the entire story. You can get banned if search engines find out that you utilizing this unjust way to rank high.So ,if this is so dangerous then the first question that comes to our mind that why do people opt-in such practices.

Why people are using Black Hat SEO ?

  1. Because they get dissapointed after seeing no fruitful results through white hat SEO.
  2. Because they get misguided and think that it is the only way to rank high.

What is Black Hat SEO ?

Black hat SEO is a set of techniques which are unfair and unjust through which you can rank high quickly in search engines by tricking there basic mechanism of ranking sites.
According to webopedia :
In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, black hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience, and usually does not obey search engines guidelines.
Black hat techniques are used to trick search engines. Some examples of black hat SEO are the use of hidden text, keyword stuffing, fake pages etc. Their goal is the same as the White Hat SEO, which is to get the first rank in search engine results, but only for a short time.Therefore Black hat SEO is not the right way if you want to sustain your presence in search results for a longer duration.

Some Black hat SEO Techniques: 

There are many Black Hat SEO tricks , softwares and tools.Below are some generally used techniques of Black hat SEO and not all of them.

1-Keyword Stuffing :

Stuffing your web pages with excessive keywords is a well known black hat technique.It means that you are making keyword density of some words excessively high ( like above 5 % or 10 % ). Keywords allow the bots/crawlers to understand what is the page about and they specify a place in search engine for that post according to its relevancy.The more relevant your content is to the title,the higher place you will acquire.

2-Link Farming :

Another well-used technique of black hat SEO is link farming which is a technique of collecting/exchanging/amassing huge number of links on one page of the blog.
According to webopedia :

The process of exchanging reciprocal links with Web sites in order to increase search engine optimization. The idea behind link farming is to increase the number of sites that link to yours because search engines such as Google rank sites according to, among other things, the quality and quantity of sites that link to yours. In theory, the more sites that link to yours, the higher your ranking in the search engine results will be because the more links indicate a higher level of popularity among users of the Internet. However, search engines such as Google consider link farming as a form of spam and have been implementing procedures to banish sites that participate in link farming, so the term link farming has garnered negative connotations across the Internet.

3-Hiding Text :

Text not visible is a technique to hide keywords in the blog that the word will not be visible by naked eye. You do this by changing the text color with the background template.For instance, if your template has a white background then make the text color white.This may also include hiding links and pictures.

4-Title Repeat :

Title repeat means that you post contains the redundant use of post title.In such posts, you will see the lack of pronouns.It is very easy to do, for instance, if the title of posts is SEO technique and you use it almost in every sentence such that its word density becomes very high.This may trick Google and other search engines and they will rank you higher.The result will be that the chances of your post to be found will be increased despite your ranking.

5- Copy Content :

This is the most hateful technique of black hat SEO. In which someone copies stuff from a high ranking site and publishes it on its own blog/website without any permission or linking to the source.It is an indirect method of saying that you own the content which is unfair and illegal.But some get away with this and many get DMCA issued.

Conclusion :

I hope this post made you aware of Black hat SEO and its general techniques.My courteous advice will be that you should avoid such techniques.They will give you a temporary uplift.But not long lasting.For that you should concentrate on white hat SEO. If you have any suggestion then leave a comment .Happy blogging.

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