Free Advertising Policy

Hello, this is the Advertising Policy Page of Blog Rabbit. This Policy describes how and with whom Blog Rabbit Advertise.This policy is not meant for third party ads like Adsense etc which have their own policy.Here at Blog Rabbit Free Advertisers are of three kinds:

  1. Feedburner subscribers
  2. Guest Posters
  3. Commenters
Each free advertiser may be weekly, two weekly or a monthly one.These are the three categories of free advertisers.Each category has its own terms and conditions of eligibility.You may select anyone or two that suits your needs.
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Please read the conditions below to select the best free advertising plan for yourself.Also note that Advertising policy is different from backlinks policy.

Conditions to note:

  1. Feedburner Subscribers of blog rabbit are allowed to advertise for free (Without money).
  2. Guest posters are also allowed to Advertise for Free ( Without money )
  3. Free Advertisers include Feedburner subscribers of blog rabbit and guest posters.
  4. Only a single ad slot is allocated for a single free advertiser.
  5. Ads links are no followed.
  6. Make sure that your ads picture size is exactly(125 * 125).
  7. Ads of a free 'Feedburner' advertiser will remain for only 1 week.(Don't worry ,the list will be repeated )
  8. Ads of an eligible guest poster will remain for 2 weeks ( Ad will be repeated as per rules )
  9. When the list of free advertisers will end.It will be again started from the beginning (That is the good point)
  10. Commenters are also allowed to freely advertise if they are eligible for free advertising. (The list will be repeated)
  11. The Ads Allotment and selection process of the three categories is written below :

1-Ads Selection For Subscribers :

I have made 8 ad slots for the ads.There are 2 ad slots out of 8 for subscribers.I can't place all the subscribers ads at the same time and place.The selection process is as follows :
  1. By Date : The person who subscribed earlier than you will be preferred first and you will be the next person.

2-Ads Selection for Guest Posters :

A minimum of  2 published posts is required to become eligible for this ad slot.There are 2 ads slots out of 8 for guest posters.
  1. By posts :The number of posts will be the preference
  2. By date :If the number of posts of two or more people  is equal then the one who posted earlier than you will be given the chance and you will be the next one.

3-Ads Selection for Commenters :

  • Plan 1 :If comments count is 20 or above ,then you can advertise for a week.
  • Plan 2 :If comments count is 50 or above ,then you can advertise for two weeks.
  • Plan 3 :If comments count is 80 or above,then you can advertise for a month.
The more you comment ,the more you become nearer to the next plan.After you complete the requirement for plan 2 or 3 ,you will be added to the list of two-week advertisers or monthly advertisers.

If you want to advertise for a month,a half year or a full year you can also avail paid advertising plans.There are more freedom and options in paid plans.

Note :

If you are an advertiser either free or paid ,then visit this page regularly for any updates or changes in the policy.