Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

Ways to Get Quality Backinks

When it comes to ranking ,one of the things that is important is Getting quality backlinks from high ranking websites ( the ones having PR 1,2,3 etc.). I am talking here about "Quality backlinks" and not the ones that are from low ranking sites.

If you don't know what's a backlink so let me clear it for you Boy !!
It's like a upvote for your website from another website. The link of your blog that you put on that site points towards your site and Google considers it a big Thumbs up for bringing the site up in search Ranking. If you get backlinks from high ranking sites, then your blog/website will rank in less time.

Let me make it more easy for you. When you are climbing in google rankings. You are actually getting your site more chances to be viewed, so higher ranking more visitors. I cannot explain this all in a single post but I hope so you got my point. So here are the ways or methods to create quality backlinks :

  1. Guest Post :

    Till now this has been a traditional method for collecting backlinks for your blog. If you have the enthusiasm to write then Go write a guest post for a famous blog or a blog with average ranking. At the end of the post they will add your bio with your blog/website link.
  2. Forums :

    Also one of the best traditional methods, asking questions that are in your mind or what you are facing related to your blog or niche can get you a link back to your blog.
  3. Blogger's Family :

    If you are in good contact with the bloggers of your niche. Then chances are that they can reference your post links in their blog posts.
  4. Commenting :

    This method works if you use it wisely. By wisely ,I mean don't comment like you just came to the blog for a backlink. It's better to choose the right way , and that is to read the post carefully. If you have some suggestions or think that your blog link is related to the topic. Then sure do comment with the link. Otherwise many newbies get caught as spamming.
  5. Social Media Pages : 

    Create account/pages for you blog/website on social media .They allow a link back to your blog. This point is especially worth noting because that source of traffic also matters. So get a backlink from social media sites like Facebook , YouTube , and twitter as well as increase yours blog following circle.
  1. Themes/Templates/widgets/Plugins : 

    If you are a developer, then you can add Your blog link as a credit link in your themes , templates , widgets or plugins.

Things Not to Do for Backlinks :

  • Don't buy backlinks from sites like Fiverr. It will hurt your Rankings.
  • Avoid backlink in the footer, as some free templates have ,which in a way decrease your blog ranking. So it's better to buy the theme/template or have that link no followed .

If you have some effective tricks for backlinking, don’t forget to mention them in the comment section. AND also mention which method do you like and use for backlinking.

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