Why Bloggers Leave Blogger ?

Why Bloggers Leave Blogger ?

This is a very serious question.I think this needs to be explained.Objections are everywhere and in everything .Nothing is perfect in this world.So is the case with blogger.Blogger is a product of google which allows anyone with a Gmail to have a platform for blogging and expressing their own views. For the recent four or five years, there has been a shift.Yes ,with the entry of WordPress and other blogging platforms in blogosphere bloggers mostly prefer to use a WordPress site if they are aiming at something big.I don't say people have absolutely left blogger.People still use blogger ,even those who are using WordPress.

Things People like in blogger :

  1. It's absolutely free.No ads and conditions.
  2. It has a simple and easy to understand dashboard.
  3. Anyone can setup a blogger blog and after gaining some popularity they can convert it to WordPress site.
  4. You can earn money with Adsense through blogger.
  5. You don't need to worry about hijacks or hackers because Google takes cares of the security of your blog.

Things that make People leave blogger :

  1. Limited functionality.People want more functions to be added in blogger dashboard to make it powerful.
  2. There is no category system in blogger.Only labels are there for classification.
  3. There are widgets which have little functionality as compared to WordPress which have Plugins.
  4. Post editor is a bit old.They need to improve it and increase the font styles.
  5. There is no option to change the permalink of pages.Although the option to change the permalink of posts is available.
  6. There is limited functionality when it comes to blog contribution.You can invite someone to contribute to your blog but he/she might not get all the features which WordPress provides to contributors.
  7. Blogspot redirection is another problem that newbies are unaware of.Due to this, they lost a lot of link juice.
  8. You cannot make your custom page in blogger.I mean the template you applied will appear on every post and static page.But if you know coding ,you can easily make some parts of the page hidden on specific pages which affect SEO.
  9. Using a custom domain and having WordPress running will get you quick AdSense approval.

Summary :

After all this chit chat,I am still a believer that blogger will survive for the next fifteen or twenty years.A major cause is that it is free.If you agree or disagree with me,please comment below and share what you think about Why Bloggers Leave Blogger ?

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