What is Black Hat SEO ?

What is Black Hat SEO ?

In the previous post about White Hat SEO , I discussed the time taking and fairways to rank high in search engines.Today ,I am discussing Black hat SEO which is a quicker and unfair way to rank high in search engines.The word black in the name tells you the entire story. You can get banned if search engines find out that you utilizing this unjust way to rank high.So ,if this is so dangerous then the first question that comes to our mind that why do people opt-in such practices.

Why people are using Black Hat SEO ?

  1. Because they get dissapointed after seeing no fruitful results through white hat SEO.
  2. Because they get misguided and think that it is the only way to rank high.

What is Black Hat SEO ?

Black hat SEO is a set of techniques which are unfair and unjust through which you can rank high quickly in search engines by tricking there basic mechanism of ranking sites.
According to webopedia :
In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, black hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience, and usually does not obey search engines guidelines.
Black hat techniques are used to trick search engines. Some examples of black hat SEO are the use of hidden text, keyword stuffing, fake pages etc. Their goal is the same as the White Hat SEO, which is to get the first rank in search engine results, but only for a short time.Therefore Black hat SEO is not the right way if you want to sustain your presence in search results for a longer duration.

Some Black hat SEO Techniques: 

There are many Black Hat SEO tricks , softwares and tools.Below are some generally used techniques of Black hat SEO and not all of them.

1-Keyword Stuffing :

Stuffing your web pages with excessive keywords is a well known black hat technique.It means that you are making keyword density of some words excessively high ( like above 5 % or 10 % ). Keywords allow the bots/crawlers to understand what is the page about and they specify a place in search engine for that post according to its relevancy.The more relevant your content is to the title,the higher place you will acquire.

2-Link Farming :

Another well-used technique of black hat SEO is link farming which is a technique of collecting/exchanging/amassing huge number of links on one page of the blog.
According to webopedia :

The process of exchanging reciprocal links with Web sites in order to increase search engine optimization. The idea behind link farming is to increase the number of sites that link to yours because search engines such as Google rank sites according to, among other things, the quality and quantity of sites that link to yours. In theory, the more sites that link to yours, the higher your ranking in the search engine results will be because the more links indicate a higher level of popularity among users of the Internet. However, search engines such as Google consider link farming as a form of spam and have been implementing procedures to banish sites that participate in link farming, so the term link farming has garnered negative connotations across the Internet.

3-Hiding Text :

Text not visible is a technique to hide keywords in the blog that the word will not be visible by naked eye. You do this by changing the text color with the background template.For instance, if your template has a white background then make the text color white.This may also include hiding links and pictures.

4-Title Repeat :

Title repeat means that you post contains the redundant use of post title.In such posts, you will see the lack of pronouns.It is very easy to do, for instance, if the title of posts is SEO technique and you use it almost in every sentence such that its word density becomes very high.This may trick Google and other search engines and they will rank you higher.The result will be that the chances of your post to be found will be increased despite your ranking.

5- Copy Content :

This is the most hateful technique of black hat SEO. In which someone copies stuff from a high ranking site and publishes it on its own blog/website without any permission or linking to the source.It is an indirect method of saying that you own the content which is unfair and illegal.But some get away with this and many get DMCA issued.

Conclusion :

I hope this post made you aware of Black hat SEO and its general techniques.My courteous advice will be that you should avoid such techniques.They will give you a temporary uplift.But not long lasting.For that you should concentrate on white hat SEO. If you have any suggestion then leave a comment .Happy blogging.

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