WordPress Premium vs Free themes

WordPress Premium vs Free themes

New WordPress users toil a lot.I don't mean that old WordPress users are languid. What I actually mean is that WordPress newbies experiment day and night with their blog design. If Newbies select a theme, then they start thinking about the typography and colours of their theme. These things mean a lot to a blogger because every blogger wants to make his blog the best one in every aspect especially in visual and design.

There are a lot free WordPress themes, which every WordPress user can find in WordPress themes directory.While for premium WordPress themes ,bloggers can check ThemeForest WordPress themes . Here I will differentiate WordPress Premium from Free themes.

WordPress Premium themes :

  • Support: Premium themes creators offer instant,full and lifetime support.If you encounter any problem or don't know to edit something , they don't leave you unheard and unhelped.
  • No Linkbacks/backlinks : Yes, no condition of link back in the footer.You are free either to remove the copyright or replace it with your own.
  • New Features : Premium WordPress themes have many new features which you can only dream if you are using a free WordPress themes.
  • Updates : Premium WordPress themes are quickly updated as compared to free WordPress themes.So you can expect that a Premium WordPress theme can contain fewer errors and loopholes.
  • Auto-update : Most of the Premium themes also offer auto-update ,it means you don't have to buy a new version of that theme.

WordPress Free themes :

  • Support : No support ( if available,then there is delayed response )
  • Linkbacks/backlinks : Some theme makers copyright their work with a license which applies a condition to keep the footer link intact.
  • Old Features : By comparing premium and free themes you will a remarkable difference in typography ,colours,fonts,design etc
  • Slow Update : The update time of free themes is very slow.Some creators even don't update the theme at all for years.
  • Plus Point : Hey, don't be sad if you are new and you don't have the resources to buy then these are made for you.Though above points portray a fearful picture of free themes but they are not that bad.You can still use them to begin blogging.At least the free themes of WordPress are better than that of blogger.

Thoughts :

Our basic desire is that everything should be free or we procure a thing that is free.I love this concept but if someone is really serious about blogging and want his blog rose to the top of google search, he should not care about spending $20-30 on his blog design.After all, these spent dollars will pay you back.

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