Tips For Extending Laptop's Battery

Tips For extending Laptop's Battery

Have you ever fancied that why your laptop's battery runs out so soon? Your Laptop is one or two years old and you are vexed about its hibernation problem.If you ask me,I will blow up such laptop with something.But that don't happen because I am not that much wicked.


Battery life is important for all sorts of people but it has a great importance for bloggers,writers, and publishers who are native to those areas where there is energy problem/crises.

For those who don't know about a laptop's battery, I will say that you can compare a battery with a fuel tank of a car or motorbike.If there is fuel it will run the vehicle otherwise, it will slow it down and eventually stop it. I use a laptop of brand hp.Its battery lasts for 1.5-2 hours when on battery mode.Today I am going to show you how to increase the life of the battery by following some easy tips.

What Are The Reasons of Poor Battery Life ?

  • Laptop Display :  Any laptop's display is the greatest enemy of its battery.Greater the size of the display ,greater will be the energy consumed of the battery.
  • The Brightness of Laptop Screen : Brighter the display,higher will the energy consumed.In terms of physics ,more photons will be emitted,which are actually small packets of energy.
  • Running Too Many Applications :  Running too many applications can also reduce your battery life immediately when on battery mode.
  • Wrong Display Settings : People that usually complain about Poor battery life have incorrect display configurations.
  • Defects : Your battery could have reached its lifetime Or it might be damaged.
  • Using Wireless and Bluetooth : People who are concerned about their battery performance usually show recklessness in the case of wireless and Bluetooth management.
  • Using Animated Wallpapers: People who use animated wallpapers instead of simple ones have a comparatively shorter lifetime of the battery.
  • Keeping the battery plugged in : Keeping your laptop plugged in the socket even after it has completely charged may cause physical damage to the battery or can reduce its ability to store energy.

How to Increase Battery life ?

1-First of all,if you don't have a laptop and are to buy a new one ,you should buy the one between 13-17  inches that's enough.
3-Cut down the number of applications when on battery.Only use those applications on which you are working.Don't play games in battery mode.It will drain your battery quickly.
4- Correct your display settings.I mean when it turns black or comes to sleep.Try to lower the turn-off display time.
5-Turn Off your wireless (Wifi) and Bluetooth (If not needed ).
6-Correct your display settings.You should check following posts according to the windows version you use.

7-Use simple wallpapers instead of animated ones.
8-Allow your battery to have a complete charge.Then plug it off from the socket.


That how you can configure your battery to the optimum level and enjoy.If you have any suggestion to extend battery life,I would love to hear it.

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