Blogger vs Wordpress

blogger vs wordpress

Bloggers around the globe are familiar with blogger/Blogspot and WordPress.If not,then they are certainly missing a huge opportunity of awesome blogging service provided by these two.In this post, I will try to give a brief difference between blogger and WordPress.If you are not familiar with these two,you can read following articles from Wikipedia.

blogger prosBlogger Pros :

  1.  Blogger/Blogspot is free.You don't need to worry about hosting nor about a software to setup your blog.
  2. Blogger is hosted on a top level domain Blogspot.Its uptime is very good,i.e 100 %
  3. You have your own search engine ranking using Blogspot subdomain, not like other subdomains which have a ranking of their domain.
  4. You can create many blogs on a single Gmail Account(I think no one can manage more than 5 blogs at a time)
  5. HTTPS availability in blogger along with HTTP which ensures data encryption.
  6. Strong Security,for instance, XSS protection.
  7. Cache by google and also minification of javascript,CSS, and HTML.You don't need to worry about these things when you are blogging on blogger.

WordPress Pros :

  1. It's not just a blogging software,it is actually a content management system.There are options available for you that you can create the blog,website or a forum. 
  2. A large number of plugins about 44,000 +. 
  3. A large number of Awesome and eye catching themes both premium and free
  4. People can create an account or can submit a guest post. 
  5. Permalink structure changing features and also you can set a custom URL. 
  6. SEO friendly posts and greater option for creating lovely posts.Moreover, you have a lot more control over typography. 
  7. Both Labels and Categories are available for classifying. 
  8. You are the boss of your own business.You are not dependent on WordPress. 
  9. In WordPress, you can edit any page according to your choice. 
  10. WordPress has labels as well as category classification system.

blogger consBlogger Cons :

  1. No plugins ,only widgets which are based on CSS,javascript, and HTML.
  2. In the past,blogger allowed people to become members of a blogger powered site using google friend connect.But now this feature is not available(I request blogger to reintroduce this feature).
  3. Free templates are not many.But premium templates are available,which have some more features than the free ones.
  4. Lesser Options to Control SEO. Lesser control over typography.
  5. No Categories,only labels are used for classification.
  6. Your blog is dependent on google.Although you are the admin of your blog;but the master admin is google,which can suspend your blog for violating the content policy of blogger
  7. In blogger, you cannot edit each page according to your choice.If you make any change the template every page will be changed according to it.

WordPress Cons :

  1. It's not free.You have to get a good host for your site and should have a monthly budget of 3-10$.
  2. The free subdomain is also provided by WordPress but it lacks the features of free blogger.For instance, changing a template.
  3. Too many plugins can slow down the site.
  4. Security issues of WordPress.
  5. Good for medium traffic sites.But when your blog starts receiving high traffic you need a good host with adequate resources and hosting plan.

Conclusion :

After comparing blogger and WordPress,I couldn't place anyone on the top.Because both of these services are equally famous among the people.So I leave it for you to decide which one is better;WordPress or blogger.I personally like Blogger.
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